Accounting software programs like QuickBooks® are ideally suited for small business owners. However, no accounting package can be operated properly without sufficient understanding of its features and functionality.

QuickBooks® is the most popular choice among small business owners when choosing an accounting system.

 We understand how important a reliable accounting system is to the success of a business. Our firm offers design, installation, and implementation for new QuickBooks® users as well as personal training for businesses that currently use QuickBooks® . Whether your accounting systems requires maintenance or a new design, we can help maximize the effectiveness of your QuickBooks® software.

Design, Installation, and Implementation

  GMJ Consulting, LLC. will implement your QuickBooks® system and  evaluate your business and design a system specifically for your business.

  • Create the Chart of Accounts

  • Set-up Customers and Vendors

  • Set-up the Inventory Module

  • Train how to use basic features, such as: Bank Reconcilations

  • Create Custom Reports to Help Manage and Monitor your Business Results

  • Training on the Functionality of the System

  • Implementation of the the Payroll Module

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